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Spinel - The May Birthstone

Spinel is one of the hardest minerals and a brilliant red gem that is found in some of the same locales as ruby. This has led to great confusion in gemstone history, as spinels have often been mistaken for rubies. Spinel and ruby are chemically similar, ruby is aluminum oxide and spinel is magnesium aluminum oxide. In fact, some of the famous "rubies" in the British crown jewels are actually spinels, including the 170-carat Black Prince's Ruby set into the British Imperial State Crown and the Timur Ruby which is a 352 carat spinel engraved with the names of the some of the mogul emperors who previously owned it.

Spinel Colours.

Prure Spinel is clear, natural spinel gemstone is typically a mix of red and pink, it often competes with the color of the best red rubies. Spinels come in many different colours including blue, orange, purple and even black.
Mohs scale hardness: 8